Hi, I'm Joe.


I've been looking through lenses since 2008.

I love capturing emotion and detail in a photograph, exploring the endless possibilities and minutiae of camera techniques, and finding out the infinitely varying ways in which different people can view the same picture.

When I'm not capturing, editing or thinking about photographs, I'll probably either be playing with my daughter, ruining the house with bad DIY, cooking meals that don't taste quite right, playing badminton or exploring the beautiful Dorset countryside.



2008 - 2014

I graduated from university with the highest practical grade of all 65 students. Having specialised in cinematography, I continued to shoot music videos and short films for a number of years.

ASOS Clapper.jpg


2011 - 2015

During this time I also worked as a freelance camera assistant for feature films, music videos and commercials. This work was formative in my development of camera technique, visual style and lighting proficiency. Clients included Bruce Weber, Google, HSBC, Asos and Ocado.

Elly Condron Screenshot.png



Whilst studying an MA at Southampton University I focussed on the abilities of the camera to create implicit meaning in the stories it told.


2014 - Present

Whilst working as a camera assistant and studying for a Masters in film, I turned away from shooting moving images and started work on static ones. It's safe to say I'll never look back!


Dorset, UK


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